Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts

I think it would be great to add some pictures to this site of Ellen and her friends. I'd also love to bring some of the pictures to Ellen. If anyone wants to share pictures they have of Ellen, please e-mail them to and I can post them.

Also, if anyone wants to e-mail a personal note to Ellen, you can e-mail and I can read it to her when I visit. Please let me know if it's okay to post your letters online or if you want them private.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. I am hoping Ellen and the family had a great Thanksgiving. Sorry I could not join, but was with my own family. My thoughts and prayers are with my girl Ellen and her family, as they are everyday. I will be heading back into town tomorrow so I will see you over the weekend. My love to all-


  2. So happy that Ellen has made so much progress. It must bring her family such joy to see such improvement. I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of this amazing news. In times like this you really understand what it means to be greatful for all things large and small. I thought of Ellen a great deal this Thanksgiving and realized just how precious life is. God bless you Ellen and your loving family.