Saturday, November 14, 2009

An update on Ellen

A couple of days ago, Ellen's team of doctors at Nyack Hospital felt she was medically stable enough to be moved to an acute long term rehabilitation hospital. The team of therapists started her physical and occupational therapy which is good news. The doctors are evaluating her medically each day and are doing additional tests. As they learn more about Ellen's medical condition they are treating her. There have been concerns that she may not be stable enough medically and may need to be transferred back to the hospital but no decisions have been made at this time. The rehab hospital is the 3rd best in the country but is not equipped to handle all medical issues. We were told it is common for patients to go back and forth numerous times between hospitals until the patient is fully stable for rehabilitation. If she does stay in the rehab facility the first goal is to get Ellen off the ventilator.

Let's all pray that she makes some progress, becomes medically stable and can be breath without the ventilator.

Thank you again for all your good thoughts, prayers and support.

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  1. I've seen Ellen after the accident, I didn't know her before that... she might not know who I am but still; Ellen I want you to know that I think of you every and each minute... I've never seen such a complete package of charm and will never, its you and only you.