Monday, November 16, 2009


I want to extend a special thank you from all of Ellen’s family to the people that helped Ellen at the scene of the accident. Some miracles did happen that day. Within minutes of Ellen’s car accident, Micah Katz, a physician’s assistant pulled over and administered first aid to open up her airwaves which helped save her life. We were informed that a couple of nurses, a fireman and an off duty police officer also pulled over to help Ellen. They were integral to helping keep Ellen alive in the most critical moments. All of Ellen’s family and friends want to express the deepest, sincerest thank you and gratitude. Words cannot even express how we feel toward these kind, caring and courageous people.

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  1. Well said. It's during times like this that we can truly appreciate the work of first responders everywhere. In a world too often filled with apathy, individuals like Micah answer a calling to heal and help in such a selfless manner. It is truly something to be admired and respected. I have an extreme gratitude to him and all the others who stopped to help Ellen, a woman whom they'd never met before. And though I'm sure the gravity of their work is not lost on them, I don't know if the impact of their deeds can truly be understood by anyone besides those of us who have their friend or family member still alive as a result of their courageous actions. Thank you, indeed.