Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Update

Ellen continues to be stable and in a coma. In most traumatic brain injury cases as serious as Ellen’s, there’s a lot of one step forward and two steps back to recovery.

Ellen has multiple fractures on her face, a dislocated jaw and no response or movement in her right eye at this time. It’s my understanding the fractures will eventually heal and the jaw will be corrected when it’s time. The doctors have not given us a conclusive diagnosis regarding Ellen’s eyes or on her other injuries. The doctors will not be able to give their complete analysis until she wakes up and more tests are done. At this time the doctors are informing Ellen’s parents of all scenarios so we are prepared.

Ellen continues to do well in her therapy sessions and she tried lifting her body off the bed a little bit. She even gave her mom Diane a hug. Diane has been showing Ellen pictures of the family to try to see what/who she remembers. She showed pictures of Isabella, Colin and Leland (Ellen’s niece and nephews). Ellen always called them the “little people” in a cute voice when she spoke of the babies in our family. Diane asked her if she recognizes the “little people” and she seemed to respond with blinking her eye and a happy face. Diane feels she remembers them. Ellen tried giving thumbs up and thumbs down. She also made a very angry face which was noticed by all the staff that was on hand to remove her earrings. Diane promised her as soon as she gets out of the hospital they will go get new earrings.

It’s easy to get discouraged after hearing what the doctors say and it’s easy to get overly excited when seeing Ellen doing something new. I learned the key is to keep a balance with your emotions. The doctors HAVE to give you the medical facts and prepare you for the reality of all situations, but we NEVER give up hope. There is always a chance for a miracle. It’s happened before and it will happen for Ellen.

I want to ask everyone to continue to keep Ellen in your prayers and thank you so very much for all the donations to our fund. Please pass on Ellen’s story to as many people as you can. We believe in the power of prayer and we know it will help Ellen.


  1. Thank you for your constant updates! after seeing some hardcore documentaries on TBI, i can only imagine how heart wrenching this process must be for you and her family. i haven't seen Ellen for a few years but i'm sure there are more people than you think that appreciate your news. Ellen you are in our hearts and our prayers.

  2. Thank you for the update. You are completely right about trying to balance emotions. I've been on a roller coaster ride- ranging from doubt and despair to hope and excitement, and everything in between. With Ellen battling so many obstacles on a daily basis, one victory giving way to another challenge, it's easy to fall into a pattern of highs and lows. I try to remind myself that the road is a long one, one which will require patience and understanding. I love the fact that you use a positive affirmation in saying that miracles have happened and a miracle WILL happen with Ellen. She remains always in my thoughts.

    Smiles have been few in light of the situation, but the image of Ellen making a sour face after having her earrings removed was enough to make me grin. Also, if Ellen can find it in her to smile where she is now, there is no reason I can't find it in me to smile where I am. I look forward to hearing about her continued progress and am planning on visiting her in the near future.

    Stay strong, and thanks again for this wonderful website.

  3. I'm so happy to hear of all of the little things that she's been doing. It's a long slow road but she's showing wonderful signs. I send my heart felt prayers and thought to Ellen and her family. Bless you all and stay strong.

  4. Hello everybody. :) This is Ellen and I just read this site. It is SOOOOOOOOOOOO sad...ALWAYS keep a positive attitude and stay strong. EVERYDAY is a new day! I'm in therapy Mon.-Fri. It's tiring!lol. Thank you all so much for you prayers...I really appreciate it.